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royalty escorts casual sex stories

Samar Singh looked up at her. Her eyes were large, beautiful and full of kindness. He could not say no to her. And he did not want some one else touching the Maharani. Better him, who had the good of the kingdom above everything else in his mind. But with the hormones raging in his bloodstream he could not think of getting the act done without touching, feeling, kissing and fondling her. In the last fifteen minutes that he had been with the Rajmata, his mind was on the Maharani's breasts, her soft thighs and in his mind he had clutched her curvaceous ass, pulling her onto his cock as he fucked her.

It is because I wanted my first encounter to be special and with someone special. I had many plans for this. It was neither quick nor short nor hurried. It was to be a long feast, a celebration," he confessed. Samar Singh's words had a deep impact on her. She herself was in her forties and her husband's untimely death had left her with unfulfilled desires.

Her bed felt empty but the Rajmata's exalted position in the kingdom demanded that she conduct herself with discretion. She caught herself imagining that she could have been that someone special and shared special moments with this young man. She would have enjoyed the sexual bonding and she could have instructed him with great care.

The heat of his sexuality and his virginity would have been tempered and the risks of emotional or sexual involvement with the Maharani would have been limited. The Rajamata shook herself from this reverie the moment she felt warmth between her legs. She turned her back on him and said, "Don't treat this as that special first. It is just a job that you have to do. Keep your plans for the real first. Samar Singh stayed kneeling. Has the Maharani been told?

But she doesn't know that I prefer you," she said, glad that her back was to Samar Singh. The Rajmata's response was instant and severe. Then she calmed down. She needed cooperation and promises; this was not a time to be dictatorial. Both of you need to mentally accept this, that's all. Other preparations relate to when we will do it. You of course, need to be bathed and specially prepared for your union with her. You know how to fuck a woman, don't you? She needed to attend to all the details of this very delicate task.

The young man would have to get it right first time, and impregnate the woman. She could not afford a miss, so that the couple would have to have a go at each other once again.

More encounters could only lead to more complications. You must enter her, and slide in and out enough number of times to stimulate yourself towards an orgasm," she instructed.

And now she had to ask some very embarrassingly detailed questions. He did not want to volunteer any additional information after Rajmata's sharp reply to his saying he knew more than the basics. Not even Sangram Singh's daughter? Samar Singh marveled at her detailed intelligence on him. Then again, all the key families had most members serving the palace in one capacity or the other, so such information might not be so difficult to obtain, after all.

Strangely she felt let down that the young man would have not have seen her as special if something had happened with Sangram Singh's daughter. Its not sex," exclaimed the Rajmata. I grabbed at her and caught her breast by mistake and she mischievously reached between my legs and accidentally caught my hard on.

I had been lying face down and the movement against the floor below had already stimulated me. In the heat of the moment, she didn't let go of my That is what we need inside Samyukta!

The question was spontaneous and she regretted it. Her own body was juiced up and her sexual instincts were now in full flow. She herself was going to need to masturbate tonight; so turned on was she by the entire proceedings. Perhaps she could fuck this young virgin here and now. But the risk of Samyukta walking in was too high.

Otherwise, Rajmata was delirious with sexual desire. A long silence ensued as Samar Singh struggled to answer. Did he need to answer? He though keeping quiet would answer the question. Rajmata turned around and put her hand on Samar's chin and made him face her. She looked deep into his eyes, her breasts heaving in sexual tension.

The movement of the bosom was not lost on Samar Singh. In this atmosphere, the woman's beauty magically came to life in front of him. Answer me, it is a serious question," Rajmata persisted. Samar Singh felt his throat dry up. The Maharaja's mother was perilously close to him, he could smell her perfume and even the natural aroma of her body. When the crisis is upon you, you will fuck harder; not slow down to prolong the act.

When you fuck harder, you will explode into orgasm and shoot forth your seed. And when you shoot, you will keep yourself embedded deep in her. Every spurt must spray into her womb. Pull back between spurts, so that you bring out greater bursts of seed. It was a reflexive action on her part, but the sexual message from her was clearly visible to Samar Singh.

He gaped in disbelief at her. He understood every word, but it was hopelessly unreal. As he was transfixed, Rajmata mistook it for ignorance. She slid her hands down his torso, leaning over him. Her hands pressed on the breast plate and armor and raced downward.

She insinuated her hand between armor and the folds of his dhoti. Her fingers found the forest of pubic hair and the massively engorged head of his penis pressed back against his stomach. Her fingertips slid around the head, marveling at the size of the knob.

Her palm slid down the underside of his cock; she noted the thickness and found herself worrying for her daughter-in-law. Thankfully it was not unreasonably long, though she found herself wondering whether a longer cock would have ensured the drenching of the womb.

Samar Singh collapsed to the floor with the convulsions that wracked him as he felt the smooth silken fingers probe the contours of his manhood.

The woman he had seen during his growing years as the Rajmata now loomed over his supine body. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were lidded heavy. Suddenly, the slut in her was on full display. Samar Singh gasped as she loosened the folds of his dhoti, unraveling the long garment so that he now lay unpackaged with his trappings spread under him. Her globe-like breasts hung above him, inviting him to grab her but he didn't dare do that.

The trunk of his cock was dry but the head was smeared with a slimy cap of precum. She ran her thumb over the head, smearing her own thumb with the juices and spreading them on the ram.

She was going to simulate a fuck with her fist and show him how to hold back between spurts and how to thrust in during the spurting. She needed to prepare the cock to take the rough fisting that was to come without hurting this darling boy. When my fist rises up, that is when your cock is at the mouth of her lips. Samar Singh shuddered, "Y-y-y-esssss" he managed, as the bejeweled hand rode up the cock, the bottom of her clenched fist letting the head slip out.

That will not be good for the task at hand. We need you to be aroused quickly and orgasm even faster. So you may have to dry your cock. But just now, I will not, because I don't want to hurt you," she explained. She now gripped his cock hard in her fist and Samar Singh growled.

Without the bands of the rings and with the extra pressure she was driving him mad with lust. Rajmata relaxed her fist on the Chief of Guard's cock. The trick to a quick cum is knowing the extra sensitive zone on your head" she went, marveling at her own sexual expertise. She rotated her thumb on the head and looked into his eyes to see where the reaction was most. Samar Singh had his fists clenched and was thumping the carpet in frustration.

Suddenly he pulled up his knees, shuddering. He would have liked to scream at the pleasure those soft silken fingers were showering him with; but his team would enter the tent in the blink of an eye if he did that.

It is this you must manipulate to rub the lips of her cunt as you fuck. Now, lets show you how. More importantly, they might fall on or scrape the wonderful specimen of manhood she was enjoying handling.

The equipment was crucial for the mission at hand and in the corner of her mind she noted that here was an asset that merited careful handling No chance of hurting with this much of ooze, she thought to herself. Remember, it is you who will be thrusting and the cunt that is not moving," she clarified. Do you feel the caressing and stimulation in your cock? You have to observe, not lose yourself in pleasure," she insisted, demanding the impossible of him. Samar Singh nodded, his mind spinning.

And what if someone walked in? He had told his deputy that he would back in a jiffy to set up their own tents. Or worse, if Samyukta walked in on the sight of the Chief of Guards being fisted by the Rajmata? Yet, he desperately hoped the Rajmata would not have the same fears and stop. He didn't want this to stop. Right now he wanted to push the woman back and impale her like a beast falling on its prey. He thrust his hips back and forward seeking his own pleasure, against her command.

His eyes moved over her kind if now-sluttish face and down that wonderful neck where he could see her pulse down to her heaving bosom. He wanted to maul those large succulent breasts. But all he did was nod back.

Don't forget, she is the queen and your intercourse with her must not extend beyond the bare minimum. Now here is the trick; when you pull back you must drag your cock head along the wall of her cunt so that most sensitive zone — this," she said, moving her hand off and tapping the zone on his bulb, "is stimulated as well. God knows what all she had been doing in the royal quarters. But she had in a few minutes zeroed in on the exact strokes he masturbated himself with.

Streaks of viscous precum ran from cock to fist as she completed the stroke with a flourish. She carefully caught the slop in her fist; it would be useful in increasing the speed and finishing this important and infinitely pleasurable job.

She should have thought of all this before. There would have been no need for a hurried encounter on the floor of a camp tent, fraught with the danger of discovery. Samar Singh gasped at the sudden vigor and his hand involuntarily grabbed her arm. That bulbous monster belonged inside her, she thought to herself obscenely as she fisted the cock with a vigorous series of strokes.

She barely noticed Samar Singh grab her breast through the silk blouse. His thumb desperately sought out the nipple so he could know the lay of the land.

Rajmata Priyamvada was lost in the world of milking this young man's cock. For a few moments the lesson being taught was forgotten. Saliva dripped from her mouth onto the mess below where fist and cock were sliding in and out. When his invading thumb unfurled her nipple, she shuddered. Gratefully, his hand claimed the breast, kneading and stroking, since the Rajmata did not stop him. Her eyes were transfixed. She was in a trance as she fucked him with her fist.

Samar nodded moaning in ecstasy. So tell me, are you sufficiently aroused to cum? In reply he gripped her wrist and moved her hand at a fast pace, rapidly. Rajmata rested her other hand on the ground for support. His cock was dangerously near her face. Her hair fell forward. She swept it back quickly for she needed him to see the spurt and learn the lesson well. Rajmata noted that the speed and vigor of the fisting meant Samyukta would have to be fucked with the same energy if the encounter was to be short yet effective.

She found herself wondering if Samyukta had ever been pounded so well and effectively. And if not, then would she not be like a lioness tasting blood?

Would she not, in fact, feel the same way that Rajmata was feeling right now, that Samar Singh was to be enjoyed in toto? Samar Singh's body convulsed. When he masturbated this was when he slowed down to prolong the pleasure. But the Rajmata expertly ran her thumb over the zone between strokes.

He squeezed his buttocks as he felt his entire being summoned to the experience. He gripped her and pulled her to himself. His face was buried in her bosom and his hips thrust into her hard.

But the Rajmata took the situation back. Her fingers read the pulsating pillar in her grip. The cock was tremulous; the seed seemed to pause. She quickly slid up and back down. She fisted down and watched, hoping this was it. Samar Singh released his buttocks and his entire cock seemed to melt in that instance. Fluids held back seemed to gather and flow through. The spurt was huge and caught Rajmata unawares. It splattered on her neck.

The fact that her fist was at the base of his cock and the cock was unsheathed so that, like a slingshot it released its load with force; the shot hit her with a splatter. But she could not complete the intended sentence. The flailing and thrusting was rapid. The scene had moved on. This was more copious and less forceful. The spurt became more heavy as the force dwindled. She noticed he was sweating.

She realized that she too was sweating. And that first gob that had hit her on her throat was now racing down. The slopes of her bosom made sure the stream of cum ran down her cleavage. It soaked the silk bodice within. She ran her fist down fully, completely, unsheathing the wonderfully stimulated, conquered, tortured, milked cock.

Samar Singh sucked in his stomach, his loins shuddered and he spurted a shot comparable with the very first one. It did not have as much volume as that first; it tried to reach out for the rose-tinted and flushed neck of the Rajmata and fell back to the amalgam of fist and cock below.

Samar Singh twisted and turned. The head of his cock was now extra sensitive. The pleasure was unbearable. The breast in his hand was massaged and twisted and pummeled. Soon enough he buried his head in it and bit at the nipple. Her own cunt was a soppy mess and she didn't need this mouthing of her nipple. It was going to be a long night for her as these fires ignited in her would need putting out. Sonam's Seduction How I seduced a virgin girl Sonam into having sex with me.

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Royalty escorts casual sex stories

Wake-Up Call Early morning after a royal visit. Reluctantly, he agreed to the Rajmata's proposal, but it was all to be done quietly. Suddenly, his hand, which was no longer mauling squeezing the breast could feel its fullness and weight. The tiredness of the day's riding came rushing on. She was also explicit in telling him that there was to be no breast sucking, no caressing, no kisses and no lingering. But the risk of Samyukta walking in was too high.

Royalty escorts casual sex stories