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reddit casual sex craigslist anal sex

Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ.

More details on the community rules can be found here. Gay Craigslist hookup in an hour, what now? Long story short, I'm a 23 year old straight male virgin, a little bi-curious, who got drunk and put an M4M casual encounters ad on Craigslist. I'm meeting the guy in an hour. I said that I was inexperienced and the guy described himself as a "total bottom. It's been postponed for a few hours, probably still on for midnight tonight.

Bring condoms, lube and your good judgment. If you get the creeps or your gut is telling you that something doesn't feel right in the hook up then leave right away. It is better to be safe than sorry. Let one friend know what you are up to and that you will call him in two hours to let him know that you are alright. As to what to say I would say be honest. Would you mind calling me at midnight to make sure I haven't been decapitated?

I consider myself pretty open minded, and very sex-positive. However, I think that if you consider yourself pretty straight, you're going to regret your first sexual encounter being with a guy, especially because it seems to be out of desperation. I have a feeling that the moment you cum in that dude's ass you're going to regret it being your first sexual encounter. It's funny how an orgasm will totally switch your state of mind around at which point all negative feelings start kicking in.

Especially since he considers himself straight, so there will be the "whaa what have I done I don't want to be gay lets get out of here"-thing. I've no experience with gay sex but I agree with this guy up to the point of the prostitute. What the fuck difference is money going to make? If he's straight and wants to mess around, why not find someone similar where you can experiment and take it slowly?

You don't have to dive balls deep into ass for your first outing. Find someone who claims to be in a similar situation, try some jerking off together or oral before you decided if you want to put your cock in another dude's ass. Don't pay for it and don't go with a seasoned vet.

Surely there is someone out there who feels the same way you do that you might feel some attraction to. Or it might get him over the tedious labels and definitions thing, and let him get on with his life fucking whoever he wants to.

Finally, if all goes well, you'll hopefully enjoy it and want more. BTW, total bottom Is that. He won't flip flop, but may do oral--and good oral. If I was immature I would make the joke ''Straight between the legs''. But I'm not immature so I won't. If anything seems odd or unusual besides your dick in a strange guy's asshole , run! Don't need to make any excuses or anything, just get out of there. If he's coming to your place, it's a little more tricky. I don't know what a "total bottom" is, but a bottom is a gay guy who prefers the cock up his ass.

I suppose "total" means he has no interest in buttfucking you. You're an onanist and you don't understand the concept of gay assfucking in terms of 'top' or 'bottom? P's If he's coming to your place, don't leave ANY valuables about nor leave him on his own!

I'm all about being sex positive and trying new stuff but I don't think what you're going to do will be healthy in the long term.

You're a virgin, whoopdee shit. It isn't remotely as big of a deal as you think it is. Don't put sex and pussy on a pedestal. Do you really want to fuck some random dude off of CL just to pop your cherry? And on top of all of this you also have STDs to worry about. I was still a virgin at 23 and pussy was on a very high pedestal. I decided to give online dating a shot since I wasn't confident enough to hit on ladies in person.

I did eventually hook up and became fuck buddies for a while. It was a very safe and understanding environment because I was able to be open and honest with my first partner and we understood each other.

She also opened my eyes to some wonderful stuff I didn't think I'd like. If I were you I'd cancel the hookup and go about this differently. Avoid awkward memories and STDs and wait until you get together with someone that you like and likes you back.

If you really are straight, wouldn't you want to at least try heterosexual sex first? Also, I'll be surprised if he shows. If he does, well Unfortunately, posting "Inexperienced guy wants to experiment with " on craigslist doesn't hook many ladies. And meeting them in the wild is tricky right now due to lifestyle circumstances. The world needs more heroes like you. Maybe you can make a website for women willing to put out for a good cause.

If you really want to experiment, look for an older woman who knows a thing or two. If you're scared, don't do it. You will most likely regret it, and think of similar potential experiences as frightening. Talk for a while before deciding. If you feel better about the thought of it after seeing him and talking, go with your feelings. Always remember you can say "This is too much for me," or "I can't do that. Email yourself a copy of all correspondence and files not hotlinks of the photos he provided.

If anything goes sideways, that's your insurance policy. Right now I have two. How do you feel about hooking up with people who are attached in the case where their partners don't know, of course? Ever run into any "nope" situations, where you just put your pants back on and got the fuck out of dodge? Now I can never use Craigslist again without thinking about this Is it strange when you first encounter them.

Like, slow into moving, or do you jump right in? I imagine pillow talk is completely thrown out the window. It's a rush at first. Yeah, there's really no pillow talk on my part. Some of the women want to talk about their issues after we're done. I listen and sometimes we go for seconds, thirds and so on.

What did the ad say? In case someone you know recognizes you. If you have a killer body with abs and shit, I would probably take a shirtless pic but with no face.

Never take a picture of your dick, unless it's huge and that's the only thing you really have to offer. I'm thinking about going to graduate school there or in the surrounding area.

I have never lived west of the Mississippi, so I wanted to try something different. How long is your penis? How would you rate the women you meet? Do they tend to have any similar traits? Could they fit in a boat? The lowest was a 4. The best was an 8. I prefer big boobs so I look for that. Do you only do that for the sex or also for the fun part when you have to find and seduce the girl? I have a few that I keep on the side.

All but one is either married or in a relationship so it doesn't happen often. The other isn't all that great in bed and I only hit her up when I'm looking to get off. How many women have you gotten? How often do you get laid due to craigslist? What are some of the other stories of women who you've gotten? Do most of these women just want sex and then you never see them again? Did any of them try to cling? I think I would look good with a beard, but after a month of not shaving my face itches like crazy.

What do you say in these posts? Can you link to one or post the text? How do you know if they are real? Tall, tan, green eyes, slim build. I'm into clowns so if you're not into fucking clowns then I'm not your man. What, you don't think clowns are funny? Anyways, I have a pet monkey named Chico who may join in. If you're against monkey's then you're a racist bitch.

My mom sometimes walks in on my having sex and will sit on the bed with Captain Crunch cereal and munch away while I hump away. My mom is also naked when she eats cereal and has nasty back acne. Sometimes, in mid thrust, I'll pop one and shit will fly everywhere.

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Ask me whatever you want! Want to add to the discussion? I always use protection though. Where do these encounters occur do you invite them to your home, or meet up at a hotel? I never invite them to my place. Either a hotel, or their place. On a different note, do you ever worry about STDs?



I started driving to the coffee shop and right when I'm about to turn around, she calls me and I answer. Leaving with only 20 bucks in my pocket, my laptop and the kindness of strangers on Craigslist. Did it have a pic? I called this one from the beginning. I do drink, but only socially and not to excess. 21 Mar Last month, I posted an ad on Craigslist Casual Encounters. So far, I've had .. I used condoms for vaginal and anal sex, never for oral. I'm very. 7 Dec I've met two women in the casual encounters section of Craigslist. We haven't had sex in a long time, but we do still talk now and then. 5 Jul A friend of mine and her aunt called on a Craigslist ad, drove to the guy's house . TL;DR: Casual Encounters led to me having anal sex.


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