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craigslist personal craigslistescort

In reality, any money exchanging hands could end in an arrest. All of my emails specified "Services being sold are for time and company only. Any sexual activity is purely consensual and not resultant from exchanged funds. I give you one rose, then I fuck you. Do you find that most men just wanted "normal" sex, or did they come to you for something that they maybe couldn't get at home, or had a fetish for?

Were you ever contacted by any women? The vast majority wanted very vanilla sex. Several were even hesitant to ask me for doggy style. I never had a female client on her own, though I did have two couples bring me in for threesomes. The fetish-y ones had requests ranging from nipple biting me biting theirs , domination me over them- I refused to be submissive for a client. It's just not safe , and walking on top of his penis in high heels. I still shudder thinking about the last one. Would you say that your experiences doing this made you more open or closed minded about sex, or did your opinions not really change much?

Did you ever particularly enjoy the sex? Was it a little thrilling for you sometimes, or just a job? Oh, and thanks for answering, you're very nice! I've always been open about sex, and nothing horrible happened while I was in the sex industry to make me hate it.

Towards the end, I did become less interested in non-paid sex, but I think that kind of burnout is typical with any job.

Some guys are just really good at it! I was sad to see that regular go, but he tried to screw me in the non-good way once and I couldn't have that. I'd been seeing him about every other week for a couple months. It got to the point where I didn't insist on the money up front anymore. Then one day, after our session, he told me that he only had about half the money, and didn't even offer to make it up. That was the last day I saw him.

In retrospect probably not the best option, but I've never actually known anybody to use a dental dam. I talk more about him here. It was also super sweet. Another very sweet one always made sure to tell me in a very sincere way how beautiful I looked when I got there. I never had a customer cancel after booking. A few chickened out between first contacting me and actually setting up a date, though.

The only time I felt guilty was one client who I saw every week. It wasn't until a few months into it that he let slip he was married. I don't know why that one got to me when others didn't, but I actually felt bad. Not bad enough to stop, though. He was one of my best clients. I just want to say thank you for doing a nearly completely open AMA. Hopefully people will be a little more understanding of the sex trade industry, even if it is just a bit.

Oh, I do have one question. Did your clients ever buy you gifts? What was the weirdest? I had one client who gave me pairs of underwear. It really excited him to think of me wearing them when I wasn't with him. I never had the heart to tell him he had terrible taste in panties Another client was an excellent cook. He'd often make me dinner- I think that was my favorite gift.

Oh, and one of my regulars gave me an armchair he was planning to get rid of. That's pretty weird, but awesome: I'd negotiate lower for just a blowjob, or higher for something specialty. Almost all of them were just normal guys.

I was surprised by how many were done with the sex part in 15 minutes and spent the other 45 just cuddling. They'd often ask me about myself, and I had a whole back story concocted. I even became friends with one client, who is now one of my closest friends. He stopped being a client the day I asked him out to dinner: We didn't work out as a couple, and I regretting losing one of my favorite clients as a client, but it was more fun to see him in a "normal" setting. I would like to try such a thing in the future.

What would you say some typical do's and don't's are, for a person who's never had a close encounter of that kind? I would first suggest looking into where the ads are these days, since the adult services section of craigslist is gone. DO make sure that you know what you're getting into. It's highly unlikely you're going to be a high-class escort making thousands of dollars a night.

DO consider joining an agency. They take care of a lot of the leg work for you. If I'd continued in the industry, I would have found an agency. They also have more ways to insure your safety. Vet your clients as much as possible- my practice was to require a first and last name and a work phone number before meeting a new client.

I'd call the work number to make sure they actually worked there. I also kept written information on the client I was visiting, and had a "safety" friend lined up who was instructed to call the police if they didn't hear from me by a certain time.

DON'T get bogged down by other people's morals. If it's something that you feel okay doing, go for it! And best of luck: TY for the answer, but I suggest finding one that shows a modicum of intelligence.

If all you want is sex, that's fine, but if you want to actually enjoy your experience on a deeper level than that I think it's useful to make sure you get along.

It'll probably make you less nervous. Bahahaha, cmon WorLord don't sell yourself short, I agree with the OP, you could make a killing in the escort services! You gotta get yourself out there, you won't stay young forever. I required a first and last name and a work phone number before I would meet with a new guy.

I called his work number to make sure he actually worked there of course I never told them why I was calling. This way the client knew I could track him down if needed. I also left a document at home with exactly who I was meeting, where, and all the information I had about him.

I had a trusted friend who would know to call the police if I didn't check in afterwards. The one thing I never did was hire a bodyguard. Maybe I should have, but it worked out okay without one.

This is really smart, but it would stop me from going through with it. There's no way I'd give an escort my work number. Which is totally fair, and I always apologized for the inconvenience to the guys who were unwilling to do so and wished them luck. At least you were understanding about it.

That's a lot of trust to give that to someone you're going to do something illegal with. There's lot of blackmail possibilities to say the least.

Not like i'm tying to hook up or anything, but i'm curious what you'd do in my situation, as I'm self-employed. I don't have a work number aside from my mobile. How would you handle that? Hmm, it's not something I ever came up against! I'd probably ask for a business website to verify. I am a smiling, happy, touchy-feely person, which seems to be unusual in that line of work. I was completely open to making out and cuddling. In fact, a lot of the time guys paid for was spent just cuddling and talking.

I was also willing to go out on "real dates" as real as you can get with an escort, of course. That or the firefighter who met up at a house his realtor friend was showing. With so much money coming in, it was easy to justify spending it at the time. So customers still try to bring you to orgasm, and you pretend that they are doing it right, even if they are not?? I cannot imagine sex to be fun without the goal of bringing your partner off. Maybe I'm just too achievement-oriented.

Seriously, what part does your sexual satiation play in the transaction? Most of my clients tried to bring me to orgasm. Lucky for them, I am one of those awesome freaks who can come with almost no effort. I still faked some of them, but there was almost always one or two real ones.

I gave several men lessons on cunnilingus. But if they didn't ask for pointers, I didn't give any. I know what it means I just want to know what it means to you in terms of how you interact with the client. I was happy, friendly, cuddly- for me, it meant that I was willing to hug and kiss, cuddle, and would spend the entire hour or whatever they paid for with them and not just bolt as soon as they were done. The majority of the time spent with my clients was actually after we'd had sex.

Did you ever have to handle a dong so big you were scared? Have you ever done anal, and did it cost more? Would you do anal with a dong so big you were scared? My clients ranged from slightly below to slightly above average. And if I was scared of a penis, there's no way I'd let it near my ass, for any amount of money. Reconstructive surgery isn't worth it. Thank you for taking the time to answer! They ranged from attractive frat-boy types to overweight computer nerds to year-old men.

Some probably saw it as the only way to have sex, but others told me it was simply easier- it guaranteed them a woman who wasn't interested in playing games, not looking for a relationship, willing to leave at the end of the night, etc. I think there as many different reasons that a man hires an escort as there are for a woman to get into the business. I always thought about it this way. An attractive normal guy doesn't pay an escort for the sex, he pays her to leave when he's done.

Would you have went down on a 20 year old? Perhaps play xbox with me afterwords? Im forever alone and have money I can blow.. I would totally have played xbox with a client! If you're really looking for that, I'm sure you can find an escort that would do it. I was seeing clients a week, and I did it for about a year and a half.

Several of those were regulars. I'll let you work out the math: Well, for hours per week. Even assuming a 1: Though it makes me wonder, if it gets legal, will the supply increase? If it does compared to increase in demand , would the price of these services come down?

Second thought - 10 hours a week for the same amount of money I currently make while working on tons more work and all the studying Other than the cops part, it sounds like a pro bono service provided by most of my single guy friends. Look at the places that it is legal, that's exactly what happens. Even on Craigslist, before it was shut down, prices started to fall dramatically once it was established and people were less afraid of getting caught and later as the economy tanked Or, uh, so I've been told.

Assuming average male weight of All my significant others since have been informed about my past- it's the only way to fairly disclose before having sex with someone. My current boyfriend hasn't asked many questions about it though he's a Redditor, so maybe he will?!

My ex boyfriends are more likely to know about it than my female friends, actually. I priced myself out of most of them, thankfully. Plus I think most of them found their fun on the streetcorner. How did you account for your extra income and purchases with those close to you?

Was part of the thrill living an alternate life, becoming another person? At the time I had a good relationship with my mom my dad is not in the picture. In any case, Craigslist is no more to blame for a homicidal attack on a working woman than is the Marriott hotel where Julissa Brisman was killed, or the BlackBerry her accused killer probably would have used to establish contact with her.

In other words, anything done through a computer can help track down a suspect afterward. Jack the Ripper is still incognito after more than a century, while Markoff was arrested in less than a month. Diane, now a public-school teacher, told me about some of the types she encountered in her five-month stint as a Craigslist escort: I marched him down to his bank and got paid. Melissa points out that there are ways to make any encounter safer: Start and finish your day with the top stories from The Daily Beast.

A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't. Lisa worries about the temptation to ignore preset rules: Before technology, it was all relationship-based, it was about who you knew. If you were a courtesan in Venice or Florence, everybody in the town knew the courtesan and her family. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis is urging sex workers to come forward if they were robbed after using Craigslist.

But I know, from my own experience, how a working prostitute can put a bad experience in the past and move on.

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17 Jun A year-old Maine woman who advertised as an escort on Craigslist and traveled regularly to New York has been missing for nearly two. strictly platonic · women seeking women · women seeking men · men seeking women · men seeking men · misc romance · casual encounters. © craigslistCL. So my buddy and i were trying to find the worst escort ads on Craigslist (Obvious tranny, etc.) and there is a code on some ads of "QQ".I googled this, and for the.

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Craigslist personal craigslistescort Melissa points out that there are ways to make any encounter safer: I have considered stripping, though, I just haven't taken the plunge to do it. Vine and McMillan are streets that run through some of the shadier parts of Cincinnati. I was willing to see anybody. Is there a club or union or alumni of some sort?